Python is a prowerful interpreted general purpose programming language. It can be used in scientific computing, data analysis, machine learning, dev-ops, system applications, web development etc.

  • It is much easier to learn python for the beginners. On the other hand it really depends on the background you're coming from.
  • Python supports both Object Oriented and Structural Programming as it is a high level programming language. OOPs concepts like Classes, inheritence etc in Python makes it as a Object Oriented Programming Language. Similarly We can create structure program through python using loops and control structure.
  • Python Standard library contains a huge number of useful modules. Many problems can be solved quickly by using these libraries.

Why to Learn Python ?

  • It is used for multipurpose.
  • Python Growing so Quickly.
  • The Fastest growing use of Python is for data science, machine learning and academic research.
Source : Stack Overflow